Hey guys,
Just a short one this week really… I’ve been back training at Titan this week. I don’t know if you saw my footballing triumph posted up online, but that was the cause of my pulled muscle I mentioned in my blog last week. I’m well on the mend, and getting stuck in to training.

Next week, Brett Johns is coming back down to London to train with me, and I’ll have my old friend Sirwan Kakai over from Sweden. I think there’s a lot I can learn from both of these guys, and I’m really happy to have them be part of my last fight camp. It might be my final fight but I don’t want to ever stop learning!

I’ve been thinking about what I want to write about in my blog over the next few weeks and I’ve got a bit of a plan. I’ve been reflecting a lot on my career – the steps I took, and the people I’ve worked with. I’m going to go through the various stages of my career and talk about some of my fight highlights as I go along.

I’m going to run a poll on my Twitter each week so you can vote out of a handful of my fights from a particular era, and I’ll write a bit about that fight, what went on behind the scenes, the build up etc.  I’ll start at the very beginning and work my way right up to the UFC days. If you guys don’t vote for my win via footstomp… well, I’m gonna tell you about it anyway!

Next week I’ll tell you about one of these four fights:

  • Stuart Grant (my very first professional fight!) – Cage Rage 9
  • Ozzy Haluk (foot stomp!) – Cage Rage 13
  • Hiroyuki Abe – Cage Rage 16
  • Vaughan Lee – Cage Rage Contenders 6

So much of my fight history is on Fight Pass only, but there are a few gems floating around on YouTube. I know it’s going to be a sad day when I hang up my gloves, but before I get to that, I have a lot to look back on and feel happy about.
So, head on over to my Twitter and cast your votes, then check back next week for my run down!