If you’ve been following my fight camp blog over on The Sun UFC, you’ll have seen that I sustained an injury a couple of weeks ago. It’s an old injury that has resurfaced, but I’ve been taking anti-inflamatories and have amended my training to work around it. It’s under control, but just really bad timing.

As a result, I’ll now be fighting at UFC 204 in Manchester. I feel so bad for all the One Punch Army guys and girls who bought tickets to support me in Hamburg. I know you’ll all still have a great time out there as it’s still an amazing card –  I am personally really happy for Jimmy Wallhead getting his shot in the Octagon. I never take for granted the support of my fans, so this doesn’t feel good to let people down. I know following your favourite sports can be an expensive business but to those who can make it to Manchester – I promise I’ll put on a show!

Stay tuned to my fight blog (linked above), and follow the rest of my fight camp on Instagram and Twitter, or find me on Snapchat – One_PunchMMA

Thank you – as ever – for all the support and for sticking with me.