As you likely will have seen already – my next fight is now confirmed! I’ll be taking on Enrique Briones at UFC Rotterdam! But before I get to that, I’ll recap on the last few months – I’ve not really been keeping up with the blogging!

My business partner/coach/friend Mickey and I held our second MMA event in April. ROC 2 was another great night of professional and amateur action and actually, it went even better than the first one! We’ve already started work on ROC 3 which will take place on October 15. If you’re around London, then head to the City Pavilion in Romford! We’re really trying to build the brand up and support up and coming athletes. We got quite a bit of attention in April as we had Josh Herdman making his MMA debut – it was a great fight, but everybody else seemed more interested in his former life alongside Harry Potter!!

I’ve actually just got back from Saigon. Myself and a few of the guys from the gym in London headed out there to check out a fantastic training facility – Saigon Sports Club. Chris Luu and Jimmy Johnstone invited us out and it was amazing. I wasn’t quite into training camp territory, which mean it was part work/ part holiday.


I still trained twice a day, but had time to check out some museums and culture too. This history of Vietnam is fascinating, and it’s crazy to think about the impact that it still has on the people there today. In amongst the education, I had some ridiculous massages where I was bent into a pretzel, and found a bit of time for some vodka Red Bulls and pulling some shapes on the dance floor.  I tried to stay awake for the first England game of the Euros, but the vodka got the better of me. I don’t really remember much of the game…

Anyway, the handwork starts here! Kind of… I mean, I’m taking Sarah and Buddy to Turkey this week, and THEN the hard work starts. I’ll be heading out to ATT in Florida again for my training camp. Same coaches, same team, same winning formula! Briones and I were scheduled to fight at UFC London back in February, but it wasn’t to be! I know that anything can happen between now and September though, so I won’t be training specifically for him. I really hope it happens though, as I think it will be a great fight!  I’ll be sure to keep you all updated throughout my fight camp so stay tuned!