What a great weekend it was for UFC fans, I thought the main event lived up to expectations and resulted in a very exciting fight.  GSP did dominate in the way I expected him to and used his takedowns to great effect.  I always thought Carlos Condit might have some dangerous flashes and that kick certainly rocked GSP to the core. It’s the first time for a while that I’ve seen him look in real trouble.

The talk after the fight obviously turned to hype around a super fight with Anderson Silva. With Dana White confirming in an interview that he wants to make it happen, it’s easy to see why fans are getting so excited. The move could be a landmark event for the UFC with stadiums in Canada, the US and Brazil already being lined up for showdown.

I hate to take the jam out of the doughnut, but I don’t see it happening. From a fan perspective, of course I want this fight. From a fighter perspective it looks more unrealistic. Not just GSP Vs Silva but Silva Vs Jones. The UFC is the pinnacle of this sport and the difference between winning and losing can be tiny. Whoever moves up a weight division is knowingly giving away an advantage.

It may seem like a small one but trust me, there’s a reason why fighters excel in their natural weight class. The difference will really tell as soon as any clinching or grappling takes place. And we’re not just talking UFC fighters, we’re talking about three of the greatest UFC fighters of all time. There is so much on the line in terms of legacy and how these guys will be remembered and there are still guys in there own divisions trying to get a shot.

I just don’t think they would want to place their careers on the line like that and think they’ll much prefer to be remembered for their achievements in their respective weight classes. It’s also probably true that a perfectionist like GSP would probably want to fight someone else at middleweight rather than jumping straight in with Anderson Silva.

I really am torn about this, I want it to happen but can’t see how it would work. Who knows, it may well lie with Dana and his powers of persuasion. Perhaps he can make this work. If anyone understands what this could do for the sport it’s him. This could well be the boss man’s version of Pacquiao Vs Mayweather.

One thing the weekend did was get me pumped for my fight. Watching it made me want to train straight away. This camp I’ve had some visa issues which means I won’t get out to ATT in Florida as soon as I usually do, but I’ll still get enough time to refine my techniques. At the moment I’m sharpening my own tools and still learning from the guys I spar with, even the young ones. The styles and techniques they use and how they bring them together. Every training session is an opportunity to learn something new.

My conditioning is top-notch right now and as usual I’ve been working hard with Tim Benjamin at Five Star Health and fitness. Having someone like Tim who has competed at a high level but can still apply knowledge and science is critical.

I was watching a local show recently and both guys seemed to gas very quickly. It happens in MMA but it makes me wonder why fighters don’t look after their conditioning in a sport that’s so demanding. There are no gas stations once you get in the cage and if you run out that’s it, your tank’s on empty. It’s not just in a fight where it helps you either.

If you’re in shape then you will undoubtedly get much more from your training sessions. Drilling, sparring etc all become about perfecting the application of technique rather than trying to catch your breathe all the time. The best advice I would give to any beginner is to work on your conditioning and work it hard. The harder you push the easier it becomes in the long run.

A final good luck to all the UK guys on TUF The Smashes. It’s good to see Dean Amasinger is now being more careful with that black book.

One Punch