As I mentioned in my last blog, the fight I wanted next was Michael McDonald, but on the flip side, Eddie Wineland is a guy I’ve always wanted to fight so I won’t complain. I think we’ll make a great contest and the old cliché ‘This will be a WAR’ certainly applies here.

The bantamweight divison is becoming a race right now with a few guys jockeying for position. Renan Barao is waiting for Dominic Cruz and there’s a number of guys including me that want to be next.  Michael McDonald is definitely up there, which is why I wanted that fight. Urijah Faber is also still a serious contender but I think there needs to be some new guys fighting in the mix before another shot for Urijah comes around.

A win against Eddie Wineland will cap a great year for me and certainly put me in the picture. He may not be up there in the rankings but ability wise he’s amongst the best in the division. His unorthodox style will be a challenge for me as it will be difficult to replicate in sparring. Something I’m sure my coaches will be able to help me figure out.

Right now, I can’t wait to get out to Florida and start camp, I’m just waiting on some visa issues to be fixed and then I’ll fly out to American Top Team and get started. In the meantime I’ll be working with the guys at Spiked and Five Star Health and Fitness to keep in shape and make sure I’m raring to go.

Lots of people have asked me how I feel about being in camp over Christmas but it’s not something that bothers me too much. Christmas hasn’t really been the same for me since my parents passed away and although I’ve had some great times with Sarah’s family, I’m happy to sacrifice it for my career. It’s part of being a fighter, this year I was in camp during my birthday but it’s just one of those things.

The life of a fighter can be a short career so you always have to make the most of the time you have. I’m sure when I have a family of my own Christmas will be important again, but all I want to do now is secure that future.

As always I’ll keep updates coming through out my camp so you can join in on the preparations and hopefully we can end 2012 in style!

One Punch