Hi guys, I hope all of you are all prepared and looking forward to Christmas.

I can’t wait, as last year I didn’t have much of one as I was fighting over the New Year.
This is my first Christmas as a married man so I am really going to enjoy it with my new wife Sarah.  We’re just going to be doing normal family things which will be great and of course I’ll fit a bit of Clash of Clans in, where I can with the newly formed ‘One Punch Army’ 🙂

This year has been a good one and has also given me some food for thought.  The best thing about the year was getting married to my beautiful wife who has stood by me throughout my career.  She is a great person and friend and I couldn’t have done it without her.  We had a great wedding with great friends and family and a fantastic honeymoon.  We saw some great things and travelled to some amazing places and it was while I was away that I really thought about my plans for 2014.

I looked at all my achievements within the bantamweight division and I am really proud of what I have achieved, however I really felt that the flyweight division was the place I wanted to be.  It seemed like a whole new challenge and something new to inspire me and train for.  Obviously beating the current world champion previously on WEC 48 was also a huge motivator.   So that’s really where the new goal and plan started from.  I talked to my team and the main factor was that it was going to be safe for me, so when I came back from honeymoon, we reviewed my walk about weight and agreed that if I was to tighten up on my daily and weekly diet I could reduce my weight outside of camp and then potentially have the same weight cut that I currently do.  So that’s what we’ve worked to.

My S&C has changed as I need to focus more on strength and speed rather than size and I’ve got two great new sponsors who are really helping with my weight, including POSITIV energy who are a brand new natural energy drink with natural caffeine and natural herbs and PRIMAL FEAST who provide me with the best fat free meats you can get.     I have also been going down to Gym 01, and training with a load of guys my weight and I also get on well with Brian Adams (He’s got a great a great voice).

I now feel 100% motivated.  I feel that after this I can look back at my life and know that I have tried everything,

I’ve got my eye on that belt, but my main focus is having a great Christmas and then beating McCall on March 8th.  It’s a great match up stylistically and it’s going to be an exciting fight.  He’s a popular guy so he’ll be bringing a lot of fans and so will I.   I believe I am better than McCall in every area.  Not by much, but I’m definitely confident to mix it up in all areas.  So get ready for another barn burner.

So apart from confirming my plan for 2014, Christmas for me is all about family and friends and then I’m off to ATT on Jan 5th and that is the start of my fight camp.

I will be aiming to do a weekly blog to keep you updated and some behind the scenes footage, which you can get through my ONE PUNCH phone app.

Thanks for your support, have a great Christmas and if you do fancy a game of CLASH of CLANS, please join the ONE PUNCH ARMY.