My preparation for Eddie Wineland is now starting to reach its peak. It’s been a very smooth camp so far with none of the little injuries that can sometimes hinder my training schedule. Physically I feel amazing and as always courtesy of Tim Benjamin at 5 Star Health and Fitness I came into camp in top condition.

Physically I’m starting to peak as an athlete but there’s more to fighting than being athletic. I’m under no illusions that a dangerous guy like Eddie Wineland could pull the plug on the winning streak I’m starting to put together.

Life at ATT is jam packed as usual. One of the things I love about the place is that it’s always busy and full of high-level guys. Dustin Poirer has been preparing for his fight and Sirwan Kakai has been a great sparring partner for me. I’m definitely an advocate of sparring hard in camp but it’s important that your partners are aware and don’t let things get out of hand. It’s a real bonus to have a great team around you helping you prepare to win.

I’m also lucky to be in a gym that has a lot of people at my weight class. I think it’s important to spar with your own or a similar weight class. Sounds obvious but I see a lot of injuries happening when a bigger guy throws too hard or lands awkwardly on a smaller guy.

The card this weekend in Seattle was a corker and I found it really entertaining from the prelims right up to the main event. Ben Henderson looked in exceptionally good shape and I was impressed by the level of his endurance. As I said in my last blog, there’s no gas tank in the cage if you run out and the Diaz brothers are no slouches when it comes to cardio.

To have that much energy in round five of a title fight when you’re a guy of his size and musculature is one of those things that takes the sport to the next level. He wasn’t just moving well but he was throwing hard and maintaining power for the whole fight.

It seems like every year the sport continues to evolve and grow with someone always bringing something new to the table. It’s going to be really interesting to follow Bendo’s career.

It’s always good to watch big events during camp and mentally I feel extremely excited about this fight. I think stylistically the fight favours me and I’m raring to go. Things are relaxed here in Florida and outside of my intense training sessions I have plenty of time to rest and recover. This usually involves grabbing a Monkey Nutrition shake and playing World of Warcraft on my AlienWare laptop. A few fans particularly in Sweden are getting involved and giving me a helping hand.

The Florida sunshine feels a bit strange around Christmas but I hope the preparations back in the UK or wherever you might be are going well. Not sure what I’ll be eating on Christmas day yet but I know it won’t have all the trimmings!

One Punch