Well, the cat is definitely out of the bag now on my new fight date! As announced on Monday, I’ll now be fighting at UFC 204 in Manchester on October 8. Or rather October 9! I’ll be fighting in the early hours of Sunday morning which will be a new experience for me. It maybe wouldn’t be so bad if I were flying back the week of the fight, but I’m coming home a bit earlier so I don’t miss Buddy’s birthday. I think my body clock will be back on UK time by then. I guess I’ll just have to try and sleep in late in the run up to the fight – not easy with a small child in the house – and see how I get on!

Excited to have a new date to train for though, and the card is shaping up nicely! A few people have messaged me about dropping off the Hamburg card – I feel so bad about it, but my injury has set me back a few weeks in camp and I just wouldn’t have been ready in time.  On the whole, fans have been understanding, and hopefully I’ll see a lot of you in Manchester too!

Let’s be honest, people are thinking about 202 this week! We’ve gotta get through this weekend before we get too far ahead of ourselves! It’s going to be explosive if the press conference was anything to go by! I know a lot of people are talking about whether Diaz and McGregor’s blow up was staged – no way, in my opinion! Nate is a loose cannon so I’m not surprised he walked out.

It’s worlds away from the way I am during fight week. They are on a whole other level of chaos and media scrutiny, I just can’t even imagine it! I guess they’re pretty used to it now but it must take a toll on them. What I think is quite interesting about this match up is that both of them make a point of trying to get into their opponent’s head before a fight – but I’m not sure either of them have truly managed it this time (probably hence the tension and the blow up!). Neither seem to be winning the mental battle this time around so we’ll have to stay tuned for what happens next.

I’m tempted to say that Conor takes this one – but by decision. They’ll have both prepared for each other, and for Conor that means pacing himself to go the distance if necessary. He can be a very technical fighter so if he sticks it out he could take it on points. However, I do think Nate’s reach advantage will be giving him some trouble throughout.

Elsewhere on the card, I’m looking forward to Cody Garbrandt vs. Takuya Mizugaki and Colby Covington vs. Max Griffin. Colby is a team mate at ATT and I always support my ATT family! Sabah Homasi is making his UFC debut this weekend too. He’s really one to watch out for, if you missed him on TUF. He’s been on a tear outside of the UFC recently, and is stepping up at the last minute to fight Tim Means. He’s going to do great but it’s still a big deal to make your UFC debut on the main card!  I’ll be watching with some of the ATT guys at Duffy’s, a local sports bar!