It always comes around so quickly. One minute the fight is announced and the next you’re in a sauna cutting weight and get ready to scrap.

It’s been an excellent fight camp and my confidence is high not just because of my recent performances. My work rate this year is taking my cardio and endurance levels to new heights and I always feel ready to push the pace. My coaching team has been fantastic as always both in the US and the UK. It’s a great feeling to have before a big fight like this one.

There has been some talk in the press about this being a fight for title contention and I certainly feel there’s some truth in that. Both Eddie and I are on form and I’m sure whoever wins will be staking a claim. Right now I’m focused on my performance on Saturday night. I’m not the sort of person to put unnecessary pressure on myself and feel the psychology part of my fight game has matured greatly over the last two years.

I love to fight. It excites me. I’ll go into the Octagon and think only about doing the best job I can. If that warrants me winning then great, if not, I was beaten by the better man on the night.

My weight cut has gone well again this week. A lot of people ask if it was a struggle over the Christmas period but weight cuts always require discipline whatever time of year it is. On Christmas day I was with Mike Brown and his girlfriend’s family, they’re Italian so there was plenty of lasagna and meatballs on the go. Fortunately, they are accustomed to having fighters in the house so I had a chicken breast and some veggies specially prepared for me.

The more times you do this the more natural it becomes. Discipline and focus on the task in hand are part of the job and necessary for success. I’d rather suffer now and know I’ve done everything I needed to do when I stare across the cage at my opponent.

I’ll hit a few workouts the day before and the day of the weigh ins and I’m ready to drop my final couple of pounds in the sauna. I always leave the last couple of pounds for the sauna. If you hit the sauna too early then it’s tough to find the energy for a workout to drop weight. After the weigh ins I’ll have my brown rice and chicken and start to rehydrate, usually I’ll put on 10-15 pounds in a few hours. Some fighters try to put on more but my body feels comfortable with this.

Being in Vegas again is always an enjoyable experience and I love the fight fans here. Unlike some of the smaller venues I’ve fought in recently, the MGM grand is huge so I’ve not seen my opponent over breakfast. I’ve been here a few times recently so it has a very familiar feel to it. It makes things a bit easier as I know where to eat, where to go. It’s a good place to get out and walk around and mingle with the fans. Even the day of my fight I like to get out and do a little workout to get my blood flowing. The worst thing I think you can do is stay cooped up in your hotel room, waiting for a fight like a death sentence and watching the hours drag out. That’s not me, I’m happy to be here, happy that this is my job.

As always my thanks go out to the great team I have around me along with sponsors Venom, G-Form, Monkey Nutrition and Alienware, thanks to all those who support me and follow my career. I hope I can continue to entertain you!

One Punch