HI guys
There has been loads happening over the last couple of weeks and it has all been pretty full on.  As soon as I landed in Florida it has been straight down to business.
I am feeling really good, as my overall level of fitness is much higher now when I come out here to train.  So rather than spending the first couple of weeks getting in shape, I now kick off my fight camp in great condition.

Obviously I am fighting at a lighter weight class, so my diet has been much better in the UK as I wanted to start my fight camp at a much lighter weight, especially now I am dropping to Flyweight.  My strict diet still continues while I’m in the USA, so this has been a slight change as before I could have a good diet but still allow myself a few treats.  Now the treats are less, however my management have got me a couple of new great sponsors to provide me with some great protein and natural energy.  PRIMAL FEAST now provides all my meat/protein and the quality is incredible.  POSITIV also provide me with a new natural energy drink, which has no artificial ingredients, so I definitely feel that I am being as good to my body as I can.
I have been training twice a day during the week and there has been a big focus on explosiveness and fighting shorter quicker guys.  At the weekends I train once on the Saturday and then on the Sunday I just go for a 7 mile run.  So I feel like I have a very good balanced camp.  Good hard sessions and the important rest periods to enable my body to fully recover.
I am really happy with the sparring.  The sparring has been going really well and I have a great team to spar with.  I have done quite a few rounds with Scoggins and his younger brother. Linekar has also just started his camp, so he is a great addition to the team.  He is really tough, so I am looking forward to doing some rounds with him.
There haven’t been any major highlights.  I am actually just really happy with all areas.  I still feel like I am still learning and still improving, so that is a great feeling to have.
Obviously this is like my second home now so I have some great friends in and outside of the gym.  So it’s been great to get a bit of tenpin bowling in with the team and to beat everyone at FIFA 14 🙂 And then when I’m not playing FIFA 14, I am continuing to build the ONE PUNCH ARMY on Clash of Clans.  This is a great way for me to wind down and take my mind off training whilst I am recovering.

I will be updating you again shortly, but thanks so much for the continued support.  I am really looking forward to March 8th and I’m confident it will be a fight to remember.
Lastly I would like to thank:
Matt from SPIKED Athlete Management and all my sponsors, including VENUM, ALIENWARE, GFORM,FORCA LUTA, POSITIV, PRIMAL FEAST, TRAINING MASK, FUNKY GUMS and my brand new racing car sponsor WIX RACING who I will be full introducing on my next blog.