Lots of people don’t know I am a bit of a gamer so chuffed to be included in the latest UFC Undisputed 3.

Been playing the game a lot on my PS3 in between training and it’s very good. They take what’s good from the old games and add to it, it plays really well and I like the PRIDE game mode as well, it’s really cool!

Must say I love being in the game too, usually it would take ages to create a fighter that looks like me but now Im in the game and its all done for me. Have tried a couple of other characters but find it a bit weird beating myself up so tend to stick to my own character. Also  it makes me a lot more humble see how beaten up and messed up I would look rather than a nice pretty looking character.

Was hoping as soon as there was the new UFC game and the addition of the bantamweight roster was announced I was going to be included, I’m one of the top guys in the weight class so I was pretty confident I would get in. The biggest what if was in relation to the addition of the lower weight classes.

Anyway, I suppose I should wrap this up by being all official and saying you can buy it at any good retailers like www.game.co.uk

Get stuck in and don’t get kneed in the face!