Hey guys,

I’m really happy to finally be able to announce that I will officially be on the UFC London card in February.

I’ve said all along – there can’t be an event in my backyard without me on the card! My last London fight was against Neil Seery, when I was fighting at flyweight. I’ll be a bantamweight for this one, taking on Enrique Briones – he’s an aggressive fighter, predominantly a boxer, which suits me just fine! We both fought on the same event this summer, although not against each other- and we both lost!! I’m not dwelling on that, but I am determined to get the W this time around.

No doubt he feels the same… but I’ve got the support of my home crowd. I loved the support last time around at the O2- and I expect the same this time! There’s just something special about fighting on home turf – I always like to put on a good show, but even more so when my friends and family are there to watch. I’ve got some really loyal supporters, and I hope you’ve all got your tickets ready to show some One Punch love!  Also, never mind all these cockney accents – I’m the only true Londoner on the card!

I’ll be heading out to ATT in January for a six week fight camp. I already started prepping for this fight, as I’ve known about it a while – it’s just taken a few weeks to get everything finalised behind the scenes. Some of the guys from Titan Fighter that I’ve been training with are actually coming out to Florida with me in the new year. Bola, Corrin, Luis, Nathaniel, and Ashley will all be heading out with me – keep an eye on these guys, so when they hit the big time, you can say you saw ‘em first.

I’ll be blogging when I’m out in Florida – so you can’t escape me. Only I might be doing it from the beach, rather than grey old London.


I’m still processing this weekend’s fights, UFC 194 in particular. Wow! The only guy that would have predicted the headline fight playing out exactly that way is McGregor himself.  Like a few people, I feel cheated – I stayed up til 6am, and barely saw a fight! I would have loved to see those two go at it for a bit longer, if I’m honest.
I’ve always liked McGregor, but I’ve had a few doubts before that he couldn’t or wouldn’t do everything he predicted, but I don’t think I’ll be doubting him again!  I’m intrigued to see what happens next. Frankie Edgar should be next in line for a title shot, but he may have to wait a while if Conor decides to go up a division. I’m pretty sure the UFC will let him go where he wants, so we’ll see how it plays out.

I’ll not go on too much longer here but I was very impressed by Luke Rockhold. He did the job, but it wasn’t a one sided fight – a great watch. Paige Van Zant got somewhat found out last week, Namajunas was just by far the more technical fighter.  The problem is, when you’re outclassed, heart and guts gets you more of a beating. She needs to get her skill level up – but she knows that already.

All in all, a great batch of fights – some real history was made this weekend.

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