Seems like I’m in and out of Vegas a fair bit these days, one of the perks of being a UFC fighter. This time I had the UFC annual fighter summit, The UFC Expo and UFC 148 to keep me busy on a non-stop weekend of action.

I was really excited for the fight of the year between Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva. Everyone was amped up for this after all the back and forth with words and I managed to bag some awesome seats. It was to be a night of surprises.

I was surprised at the Ivan Menjivar Vs Mike Easton fight, I was expecting a real back and forth war but Menjivar seemed quite passive which is very unlike him. Forrest and Tito was my fight of the night. Another close one which for me Tito won but I’m told Forrest landed a lot more strikes.

It definitely got me ready for the main event. As the first round started I was like Holy Shit, here we go again! I couldn’t believe Chael was going to do exactly the same thing again. Then down he went after missing a spinning back fist in the second and didn’t look the same again. Usually if you’re in the right frame of mind you can bounce right back up but Chael seemed a bit shocked and Anderson pounced.

Looking back you can see how Anderson craftily slips the shot from Chael. You do always see him doing a lot of work slipping and dodging a tennis ball… maybe I need to add that into my training as I seem to get punched in the face a lot.

It’s not that I can’t see them coming, I just don’t seem to have any driving determination of necessity to get out of the way. I must secretly enjoy it.

The Fighter’s summit was a mixed bag of fun and weirdness. We had some great speakers including an NFL player and all the usual stuff on how to handle the media and Twitter.

As soon as the social media guy took the stage everyone had their phones out taking pictures and tweeting. Dana White was as always on good form, it’s great to see him speak and he always comes across as having an honest, common sense approach. For me he’s the perfect boss for the perfect job.

There was one speaker and even now I know not of what she was talking about. I have absolutely no idea what she was trying to say or the points she was trying to make. I will never get that hour of my life back and perhaps never will learn just what she was looking to achieve.

As always, this weekend was a great chance to bag some autographs for my UFC encyclopedia. Lyoto Macheda, Noguira, Carlos Condit, Dos Santos among many others have all now signed the book. I still need to get GSP and Anderson Silva. Despite hanging around with Jon Jones one night I didn’t get his signature either.

The one I’m most excited about getting is Keith Hackney, the man that Judo chopped a sumo wrestler in one of the earliest UFC’s. I don’t quite know how I’m going to do this so I’m launching a campaign right now.

Hunt for Keith Hackney.

If you have information on this mans whereabouts or if you are indeed Keith Hackney then please tweet me at @One_Punch. It would be an honour to have you sign my book sir!