As promised, I’m doing my best to keep up with this blog, but things have been busy lately!

I’ve been working with the Wimp 2 Warrior guys on their first foray into the UK. The general idea is to to work with people who have little to no MMA training experience and put them through an intense six months of training boot camps so they come out the other end as warriors!

We had the first try outs a couple of weeks ago, with another session of try outs coming up at the beginning of December. They labelled it as “the ultimate human experiment”, and it’s actually pretty fascinating to meet the kind of people that sign up for this. For a start, there isn’t a distinct “type”, at least not physically!

I train all the time with people who have an extremely high level of athletic ability, but for Wimp 2 Warrior I’m training some people who have barely any! What they do have though is a mindset to succeed, which is an incredibly powerful thing. When it’s coupled with genuinely excellent athletic ability, more often than not you have a world champion on your hands. But even on its own, it’s an amazing thing to witness. I’ve been so impressed with the people who have tried out so far – not despite the sweating, vomiting, cramps, swearing and everything else, but because of it.

Me with fellow W2W coach Lee Aylett.

This coming weekend I’ll be cornering at BAMMA. We’ve got a couple of the guys from Team Titan on the card in Birmingham. Bill Beaumont is looking to maintain his perfect record, and I have every confidence in him.  Nathaniel Wood’s only losses in his professional career have been at BAMMA, but I think the third time’s a charm! Good luck lads. We might even make it home in time for UFC 193 if we’re lucky.

I have to say I was really impressed with Thomas Almeida this weekend! His striking was great, he looked really composed and in control. You could almost see it when he smelled blood and off he went. I’m a big fan of his fighting style – he doesn’t play it safe at all.  I think some people expect me to hold a grudge, but it’s not like that at all. Yes, he beat me, but I’m happy to see him go on and keep winning. I’d like to see him taking on someone inside the top ten for his next fight. I’ve a feeling this guy could go all the way.

That’s all from me for now, but more soon.