It’s a great feeling to get back into winning ways and the cuts and bruises from a tough night in Sweden are starting to heal nicely. I’ve enjoyed a few days of relaxation and cookie eating which has given me some time to look back at the weekend and watch the fight again.

Mike Easton probably wouldn’t have been my first choice after coming off a loss, he’s a tough dude and very hungry. Then again, there are no easy fights in the UFC and that’s part of the reason I love it so much.

I did feel much more relaxed for this fight but that’s because I’ve been very busy over the last year or two with no real lay offs. Competition in the Octagon is starting to feel second nature to me and that really helps take the stress out of my preparation. It did worry me at one point as it made me question my motivation and hunger; however, the way I felt in the fight quickly dispersed any questions I may have had. Fighting is quite simply what I love to do, it’s the ultimate form of competition and I will compete at just about anything, even eating cookies.

I do think I made it a little harder and closer than it needed to be. I switched up my style a little and was probably focused on working that in. After watching the tape back I felt like I’d won all three-rounds but judges will be judges. The first two rounds were very close and different judges score things differently. I was very happy to get the win along with another FOTN bonus and would like to thank Mike Easton for being such a willing and aggressive opponent.

It was fantastic to fight in Sweden again. I absolutely love the Swedish fans! They’re a very knowledgeable and respectful crowd, always clapping good displays of skill and transitions, always mindful of how tough it is to be up there fighting. My Trilby hat comes off to them, very much appreciated.

My appreciation also to my growing fan base, I’m always very grateful for your messages before and after a fight. As a result I’ll be giving my signed fight shorts away to someone. It’s good to see so many of you showing your support by wearing the One Punch walkout T-shirt. Tweet me pictures (@One_Punch) of you guys wearing it and the most creative, random or funniest picture gets the shorts.

If you’ve seen the Fighter’s Only interview after the fight you may have seen me comment on the British media. It’s something that still perplexes me today and is a little bit of a touchy subject. In Nottingham and in Sweden I felt like they were completely disinterested. The fans all give me such a warm response, Dana White talks openly about me being a favourite fighter of his and then the media just seem to ignore me.

I’m up there as one of the top British fighters but I find it strange that I don’t seem to attract a lot of British press. The only question I was asked at the press conference was on the back of someone else’s question. I found it weird, it didn’t make sense to me.

What’s next for me? I made it clear that I want to fight again in August and I’d like someone ranked above me. There are plenty of good guys, McDonald, Bowles, Faber or even a rematch with Eddie Wineland. I’m not a fan of rematches, win or lose, as I like new challenges but it’s pretty tight at the top of my division so I can’t really be choosy. We’ll see what matchmaker Sean Shelby puts before me.

For now, it’s back to the gym. That’s what’s behind my constant improvement, it’s just hard work in the gym and it’s not a formula I intend on changing. As always thanks to you my fans and my sponsors Venum, Monkey Nutrition, Alienware, G-Form, Training Mask, Bayliss Ware and the people behind the scenes at American Top Team, Team Titan, Five Star Health and Fitness and Spiked Athlete Management. It’s great to have such an excellent team around me and receive such support.

All the best and don’t forget to send me your One Punch T-shirt images!

One Punch